Why Nuclear Advantage?

The role of nuclear power in Canada goes far beyond being a safe, clean, affordable and reliable source of energy. It has an important role to play in medicine, industry, food safety, research and innovation, and it supports thousands of long-term, high-tech and well-paid jobs.

Investing in nuclear generation as a source of baseload power for the province of Ontario is the best way to ensure a stable and affordable supply of electricity well into the future. The refurbishment of Ontario’s nuclear power plants is the largest clean-technology investment in the country.                 

Nuclear in Ontario

Ontario nuclear facilities produce enough electricity to Power Millions of Homes:   

  • Bruce Power supplies enough energy to meet the demands of 5M homes per year
  • OPG Pickering supplies enough energy to meet the demands of 2.2M homes per year
  • OPG Darlington supplies enough energy to meet the demands of 2.7M homes per year


Nuclear power and energy pricing in Ontario

Low-cost nuclear power meets 60% of Ontario’s energy electricity. It is the backbone of the province’s electricity system, and the reasons are clear:

  • The cost of nuclear power generation in Ontario is more than 30% lower than the average cost to produce residential power. It provides families and businesses with a low-cost source of electricity that reduces costs and saves money compared to other energy options.
  • Ontario’s three nuclear facilities – Bruce Power, OPG Darlington and OPG Pickering – create jobs and economic growth in communities across the province.
  • Nuclear power helps Ontario meet its climate change goals by keeping the air we breathe clean.
  • Modern health care around the world capitalizes on Ontario’s role as a leading supplier of Cobalt-60.


  • The nuclear industry in Ontario contributes billions annually to the Canadian economy and supports over 50,000 Ontario jobs:
  • 15,600 in the daily operation and support of Ontario’s nuclear fleet;
  • 9,000 in the process of being hired for the refurbishment programmes;
  • 30,000 more are employed in the nuclear manufacturing, engineering, construction, consulting, research and development, fuel fabrication and medical isotope sectors.
  • Extending the life of Ontario’s nuclear fleet will inject billions more into Ontario’s economy.

Health Care

  • Ontario’s nuclear power plants produce 70% of the world’s supply of Cobalt-60, a lifesaving medical isotope that’s used to sterilize medical equipment, keep food safe, fight the spread of disease, and treat cancer.
  • The demand for a reliable supple of isotopes such as Cobalt-60 and Molybdenum-99 continues to grow to support health care systems around the world.