The Ontario Power Generation applied to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to renew Pickering’s Operating Licence and keep it operational to 2024.

On behalf of Ontario’s Nuclear Advantage (ONA) , an ongoing public communications campaign to build support for nuclear energy across Ontario. We would appreciate your support in advocating for the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (PNGS) plant to remain open and operating until 2024.

In August 2017, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) submitted its 10- year licence renewal application to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). As part of the application process, public hearings will be held between June 25 and 28 in Pickering.

The Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is one of three nuclear power plants in Ontario. Combined they provide 60 % of Ontario’s energy. Since beginning commissioned in 1971, the PNGS has proven to be a world class generation site with engaged, well-trained staff that focuses on Safety First. OPG has led the way with innovative technologies and its investments in people and equipment over several decades.

The PNGS currently operates 6 units providing 3,100 MW which is enough to serve a city of one and a half million people, and about 14 percent of Ontario’s electricity needs.

The province of Ontario has expressed its confidence in the continued operation of PNGS through 2024 in its Long-Term Energy Plan, which recognizes the value of continued low-cost, GHG -free generation. Furthermore, the PNGS contributes significantly to the Durham region economy, providing 7,600 highly skilled- direct and indirect jobs to the region.

A recent telephone poll conducted by the Canadian Nuclear Association found that over 72% of Ontarians support extending the operating life of Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) Pickering Nuclear Generating Station.
The poll also found that 75% of Ontarians believe Pickering is an important part of Ontario’s climate change goals, and 80% feel Pickering helps provide a stable and reliable source of energy.

In April 2018, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce released an independent report about the positive economic impact of operating Pickering to 2024.

The report indicates that the continued operation of Pickering station to 2024 is expected to contribute over $ 12.3 billion to Ontario’s GDP and is expected to contribute on average per year $ 290 million in government taxation revenues ( $155 million in federal and $ 135 million in provincial).

The continued operation to 2024 would be a benefit to Ontario’s economy, its climate change goals , and the stability of its energy system.

Therefore, we need your support! Working together, we can ensure that the nuclear industry’s role as the backbone of Ontario’s power system, a cornerstone of the provincial economy, and the most important electricity source for the future continues to be appropriately profiled , in the public domain.

The ONA has pulled together positive messaging that you may consider sharing on social media and amongst your friends to increase awareness on keeping the Pickering nuclear plant open and operating until 2024:

  • Continuing operations at Pickering Nuclear until 2024 will save Ontarians $600 million in electricity costs. # Pickering2024
  • Continuing operations at Pickering Nuclear until 2024 will reduce carbon emissions by 17 million tonnes. That’s like removing 3.4 million cars from Ontario’s roads each year. #Pickering2024
  • Continuing operations at Pickering Nuclear until 2024 will increase Ontario’s GDP by $ 1.54 billion annually. # Pickering2024
  • Continuing operations at Pickering Nuclear until 2024 will contribute 7,600 jobs to Ontario. # Pickering2024
  • Pickering Nuclear is a vital source of life-saving Cobalt-60, a radioactive isotope used to safely sterilize medical equipment and food products.#Pickering2024
  • Pickering Nuclear continues to operate with the highest safety rating.#Pickering 2024

It is imperative to make sure that our positive messaging is heard, that Ontarians understand the importance of Pickering Nuclear Generation Station operating until 2024 as it continues to generates affordable, clean electricity every day, drives innovation, creates jobs and builds the economy.

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Thank you,
Taylor McKenna
Ontario’s Nuclear Advantage